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Customer Satifaction Survey

We appreciate your business and strive to improve our service every day. Please take a moment to fill out this survey below to let us know how we're doing by rating us on a scale of 1 - 5 for each item (1 being strongly disagree, 5 strongly agree).

Customer Service / Sales
I felt the experience was friendly. 1 5
I felt they understood my needs and concerns. 1 5
Their presentation was clear and informative. 1 5
I feel like I got the right solution for my needs. 1 5

Installer was on time. 1 5
Installer was friendly and helpful. 1 5
Installer had a professional appearance. 1 5
Installer was prepared and efficient. 1 5
Service functions as expected. 1 5
Installation looks professional. 1 5
Any concerns or problems were resolved. 1 5

Would you recommend Microserv to your friends or family? Yes No

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