The standard hair lengths are determined by the natural curves of the body. This standard originated with Long Hair expert George Michael. There are many body shapes and sizes and so these hair lengths fall to the natural curves of your own body. George Michael encourages his clients that if they are going to remain at a length, it should be at one of the standard lengths.

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Flip level is hair that comes to the neck or shoulder area. George Michael prefers the eye to be brought back up to the face, thus the hair at this length should flip up rather than curl under. Mrs. King's picture is a good example of the upturning ends. The LHC models are showing the long and short side of the flip length.

Bra level or BS or midback is about the same point as the widest part of your ribcage and chest area. Those on the LHC forum have use the term mid-back to indicate farther down from BS length but not yet at waist level, but in George Michael's definition, it is all the same.

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Waist length hair falls at the smallest part of your waist, a little bit above those hip bones.

The hip and tailbone lengths are not part of George Michael's standard hair lengths, but many in the Long Hair Community grow to these lengths, so I will include pictures. Hip length is at the front hip bones and for some will fall half way in between waist and tailbone. For others it might be very nearly at tailbone length.

Tailbone length is shown below. Every body shape may have a different spot for this length

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For many Long Hair Lovers, tailbone length is the perfect length to stay. Hair becomes more difficult to protect and take care of when it is long enough to touch the chair or ground when you are sitting. It is also a challenge to comb your hair if it is longer than your own arm.

Classic length is the body curve where your legs meet your buttocks. If you sat down, you would sit down totally on your hair.

The other hair lengths are much more unusual and require special family genes that will allow hair to grow to this length without falling out. This is called terminal length. Even if you want to grow longer than classic length, if its not in your genes, it won't be possible.

All these lengths follow the natural curves in the legs. Thigh length hits the widest part of the thigh. Knee length is the curve of the knee. Capri length is the widest part of the calf and ankle length is the place where the ankle meets the foot.

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