Archives - January through April 2004

Strange happenings by Utah's Simmons Media

As discussed in the forum in March and April, Simmons Media purchased KMER 950 AM, KAOX 107.3 FM and KDWY 105.3 FM. These stations are in rural Wyoming, licensed to areas such as Kemmer and Diamondville. Speculation is that with proper tower placement for at least one of the FM's it could potentially be used as a Salt Lake City area "rimshot" signal with on-channel boosters. 107.3 would have problems - being adjacent to 107.5 KENZ Orem and too close to 106.9 KRAR Brigham City. KDWY would be the most likely candidate as 105.3 is currently a translator for KCPW and the nearest full-strength signal is KCPX 105.7 Centerville or KBNZ? 104.9 Tremonton.

As for KMER, speculation is that the station would reduce power to help push Simmons recently purchased KOVO 960 northward into the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley. KOVO currently simulcasts KZNS 1280, which is on KSOS 800 in the north.

KTSY food drive brings in large donations

KTSY recently held a food dirve that netted 120,000 pounds of food for the Boise Rescue Mission. An anonymous donor pledged to match each pound with money, so the organization also received $120,000.

KSIL 100.7 Wallace sees changes

The station let their calls change to KIBG and the city of license will be changing with a new tower location to Big Fork, Montana.

April Fools Stunts spark controversy

Several Boise stations pulled April Fools Stunts. Byl and Doug got themselves into trouble (apparently) after a humorous report that Lucky Peak Dam had burst. Look for more on these in the April 2004 section of the Idaho Radio Web Blog.

Mark Fuhrman back at KGA 1510 in Spokane, new news director

Reports are t hat Fuhrman was scheduled to begin on April 1, but apparently the debut of his program was held off for a while. The former LAPD cop is now on KGA, which is trying to gain ratings share in Spokane now that Clear Channel is also running a news talker with popular Premiere Radio hosts (Clear Channel also owns Premiere Radio Networks). A previous local Fox news personality is also the station's new news director, hosting mornings.

KOUU applies for more power

Locally owned KOUU-AM 1290 in Pocatello applied for a 50,000 watt day signal. The station would then reach much more of the listening area. Currently the station simulcasts KZBQ 93.7 but would probably change formats with a wider signal.

KBLI 1620 changes

KBLI was leased to a local Spanish broadcaster, but that ended recently. The station had been simulcasting KZNR/KZNI "The Zone" talk twins until a new format was found. Look to current news for the answers.

KQXR lineup shifts

With Jacent Jackson departing to Chicago's WKQX (apparently someone finally realized the man's talent for keeping an audience), Eric Kristensen was announced as new program director for "the X." He comes to Boise from West Palm Beach, Florida and WPBZ.

KPLV is "Live" no more, "The Hawk" rears its head KTHK signs on

The station is currently using air staff from other Bonneville properties, with the exception of Liza Raley. Liza stays on for mornings, but her co-host Chad Hamilton is out! The program director spot for the station was open, but has now been filled. The station is using KKAT jingles.

KCHQ 102.1 Driggs signs on

The station is using Waitt Radio Network's country format during the day, which allows for a lot of localization without hiring local talent. the station polled area residents, and that is how country was chosen for the format. The station is geared toward Teton, Fremont, Madison, and Jefferson counties. The station re-hired Dave Plourde, formerly of KADQ, for news and production. Smart move! :) The station also has a local morning show from 6 to 10 am — Tim and Sabra, with news reports from Dave Plourde.

K-Gem has a talk show

KGEM is hosting a local talk show. Dr. Ralph Smith and David Snedd are on from 8 to 10 pm Monday through Friday. The team reports they have a variety of talk topics, but focus on political material.

KUPI AM schedule sorted out

KUPI AM is apparently still running some "music of your life" in the mornings on weekdays. The station flips to classic country at some point in the afternoon (Jones Radio format) which continues through the weekend. Rumors were that the station would go sports talk, but it appears Bonneville beat them to the punch.

Marie Osmond on KISY 100.7 afternoons

As part of her new syndicated "Marie and Friends" program, Marie Osmond is hosting afternoons from 3 to 7 pm on KISY 100.7 "Sunny." John Tesh hosts nights, so the station is now local only before 3 p.m.

Boise and Spokane fall ratings are available online

Visit Radio and Records for the latest. The Idaho Radio Web Blog also was able to get numbers for "persons" in demographics in the mornings for Boise. Look to the February archive for details.

KDRK 1050 takes new calls, format

KDRK in the Spokane area has flipped calls to KEYF and is now playing adult standards using the "Music of your life" format from Jones Radio Networks. The station also airs AP Network News at the top of each hour.