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Published and distributed by Teton Engineering Inc
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Table of Contents page

Cost and Performance, page 1
General Description, page 3
Materials, Tools & Skills, page 5
Siting and Safety, page 7
The Mirror Frame, page 10
The Hub and Support Structure, page 20
Drive System, Tracking, page 28
Hub and Array Mounting, page 31
Tail and Counterweight, page 32
Drive System, Tilt, page 35
Mirror Installation, page 40
The Collector, page 46
Piping and Controls, page 50
Electronic Tracking System, page 54
Electronic Tracking System, Alignment, page 70

COPYRIGHT NOTICE- This manual is copyrighted 1981. Reproduction by any means is illegal except that the original purchaser of this manual is permitted to make copies of diagrams for his shop used in constructing his system. We encourage you to help your buddy build his concentrator by loaning him the manual and your experience, but please don't copy it.

LIABILITY NOTICE- As mentioned in the introduction, you are a pioneer in the solar energy field. You will be working in an area where only limited experience and knowledge is available. There are very few solar concentrators in the home or farm environment. There are many unknowns. Our design is meant to utilize only so far as it may be applicable to your needs. We have no control over your site adaptation or workmanship. We cannot assure you that this design is suitable for your situation. We offer only the experience gained by this project for you to use as you see fit. We encourage you to seek professional service to adapt the design to your situation.

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